Jiko Wine Dinner for Tables in Wonderland Members

If you're a Tables in Wonderland member, you can now book a reservation for the Jiko Wine Dinner on February 11th, 2010! Here are the details. Click here for a larger image. Note: we think this will be along the lines of the Jiko Wine Dinners we've mentioned here on

Jiko Wine Dinner Feb 11th Info

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Thursday February 11, 2010

Animal Kingdom Lodge Groceries

Pantry and Bread Items at Johari Treasures

While pricing at Disney restaurants is getting higher, you can save some cash by making meals in your room. You might be staying in a Kidani Village or Jambo House villa, where you'll have either a kitchenette or a full kitchen in which to cook meals. But even if you're in a regular room, you still might have the need to grab a few groceries during your stay.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Food

Breakfast at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Lounge

It's tough to decide whether the Kilimanjaro Club concierge option is worth the money. Lots of veterans say that the extra, complimentary food offerings are what really make the extra money worth it, so we thought we'd compile a list of Kilimanjaro Club Concierge Lounge food items reportedly served to help you determine if the cost is warranted!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Pictures

We've got LOTS of Photos

If there's one thing that users want from a fansite, it's pictures. This is even more true for Disney fans. I thought I'd take a moment to direct you to all the ways in which you can see pictures on the site. Each of the discussion pages has a list of photos, but if you want to look at everything you can simply go to the image galleries.

There are many sub-galleries, some of the more popular are:

The Animal Kingdom Lodge Fansite Blog

Just wanted to let everyone know we've started a blog for this site. There's already a ton of information on the site but sometime we want to write things that don't quite fit into the current hierarchy. Maybe they're personal, or they're intended to help someone with particular interests, or they are about something a little obscure. Regardless we've decided we'd like to include a blog so that we can write about these things and we hope you enjoy reading it.

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